Small but powerful – the new mega macs 42 SE

Enables dealers to register and assess vehicles quickly, and garages to perform correct diagnostics and repairs – mega macs 42 SE is the flexible all-rounder. mega macs 42 SE allows you to complete service tasks in a flash and quickly train the device on even complex new vehicle systems – so the new mega macs 42 SE will make your work even more profitable in the future.

A real help for every day in the garage
In our efforts to improve the successful mega macs 42, we packed it full of all the features that can make you faster and more flexible. And we simply left out all the complicated stuff. As a result, the new mega macs 42 SE weighs just 480 g including battery, yet can still cope easily with more than 40 makes of vehicle and more than 35,000 models. While at the same time guaranteeing the most extensive and reliable testing scope possible.

mega macs 42 SE allows you to read out any control unit or system. The software helps you to pinpoint the causes of errors and guides you to the right connections and components. mega macs 42 SE is a particularly practical everyday helper for service centres and garages.

Future-proof child‘s play
The tester helps you to service the vehicle by providing you with all the necessary data; it resets the intervals and quickly encodes control units and systems. Thanks to state of the art PassThru technology, you can reliably load the manufacturer‘s data onto any approved vehicle control unit. But without having to click your way through complicated menus – the mega macs 42 SE is the all-round talent that you can operate intuitively to work quickly on all relevant makes and models.

Regular updates ensure that your diagnostics unit is always up to date. And thanks to our fair and affordable licence models, they are always free of further charges. With no hidden ancillary costs.

A new definition of independence
mega macs 42 SE is a real hand-held tester with its compact dimensions, and offers compelling practical new features to considerably ease your workload. The ideal entry-level or secondary device offering unbeatable value for money allows you to communicate wirelessly with the vehicles – so your work radius can be hugely extended in future. Thanks to the replaceable battery, you can keep on repairing without having to stop and wait for it to charge, while the vehicle identification feature using VIN code gives you foolproof certainty, right from the start.